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Assistant for the calibration of climate chambers

  • Calibration according to directive DAkkS-DKD-R 5-7
  • Support of methods A and B with 9 and more measuring points
  • Intuitive user navigation
  • Analysis is possible online as well as offline
  • Direct involvement of the climate chambers in the online measurement operation
  • Online visualization of the calibration process for all measuring points
  • Calculation of local humidity measured on the temperature monitoring points
  • Determining measurement uncertainties
  • Logging of deviations from the display value
  • Automatic, convenient analysis with protocol creation


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More climate testing chambers

Measurements can be recorded not only by measuring instruments but also by climatic chambers (eg Binder, CTS, Espec, Feutron, Weiss/Vötsch, ...). If configured accordingly, setpoints can also be specified via the software. Thus, for example, comfortable monitoring and calibration are possible.

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