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Offline analysis - What you need, when you need it...

Offline analysis using REMOTE WinControl or ALMEMO View

Capturing and visualizing measurement data is just not enough for you? We can give you so much more!

  • Complete separation of data capture and analysis.
  • Personalized analysis of centrally captured data.
  • Calculation channels to analyze calculated values.
  • Assistance for easy calculation of PPD and U-factors (k values).
  • Cascading analysis using the internal data server of RMT WinControl.
  • Presentation of the results using the RMT WinControl Webserver.


REMOTE WinControl - Offline analysis and Presentation

REMOTE WinControl - Remote access and offline analysis

Program description:

  • Remote access to measured data of WinControl data servers.
  • Display, mathematical analysis, storage, printing and export (on-/offline) of measurement data.
  • Access to all display types and options as in other WinControl versions, to make detailed offline analysis possible.


ALMEMO View - Basic Visualization and Analysis

ALMEMO View - Measurement, display and analysis of data from Ahlborn measuring devices

Program description:

  • Measure online with your ALMEMO device or download measured data from the internal memory of it.
  • Capture, display, save and print measured data.
  • Comfortable and fast graphical analysis of your measured data.


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