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Our solutions for your measuring tasksMaximize

Universal measuring systems

Universal measuring systems using ALMEMO technology and AMR WinControl


Synchronized recording of measurement data and a digital video stream

Data Service

Services for measuring and providing data

Climatic simulation and inspection

Climate simulation and inspection using Feutron climatic chambers and FKS WinControl


Remote access

Remote access to measuring data via the internet and REMOTE WinControl

Gas analysis

Gas analysis and measurement using Emerson technology and WinControl

Offline analysis

Offline analysis using REMOTE WinControl or ALMEMO View

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet - Use your measurement equipment via mobile network

Our solutions to your particular processes, measurements and statutory guidelinesMaximize

Central Monitoring

Automatic long-time monitoring made possible with our products

ODBC Connection

Process flow assistant


Training and Practice

Training & Practice - Discover our products and solutions

Comply with GLP / GMP / FDA

Work in compliance with GLP / GMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11

The web server

Display and monitoring of measurement data without any additional software

Safety kit

Achieve safety, security and reliability by using automatic backup, password protection and watchdog

Your personal requests

Your wishes are our challenges

Test bench automation

Automation of test benches ensures quality

The data server

Remote access and export of current measurement data


Mehrwerte Creating added value by combining existing and new systems using WinControl

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