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Mobile Internet - Use your measurement equipment via mobile network

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Mobile internet, combined with keywords such as cloud computing and web access, is a topical issue. Thanks to our solutions, you can connect your ALMEMO® measuring technology via the internet and record it centrally. It is irrelevant where the measuring technology is located. You have worldwide access to the recorded data of all the measuring devices via the browser on your PC in your office.

It is possible to connect via LAN, WLAN, or via mobile communications. Requirement for this setup is a suitable equipment and an internet connection respectively a sufficient coverage for mobile communication on site.

The akrobit® cloud server (responsible for the acquisition of measured data) queries the data from the measuring devices, saves the data and provides the data in a variety of formats to be downloaded or sent via email. RMT WinControl is recommended to display and evaluate the data (e.g. with arithmetic channels).

In the access-protected area, current measured values and measurement processes can be viewed in a browser. It is possible to set an alarm email that is triggered by a component failure or a limit value infringement.

Alternatively, a direct connection to the measuring device is provided as well. In that case, the user himself is responsible for data acquisition, data storage and the alerting procedure. To manage this, the AMR WinControl software is recommended since this software has been specially developed for the convenienthandling of ALMEMO® devices. The measuring device can beaccessed via a secure VPN connection.

Services at a glance
 Cloud service
C1 C2 C3 C4 CD
 Measured value files available for download (can also be sent by email)        
 Online-Visualization via web browser        
 Alert in case of component failure or a limit value infringement (email)      
 Customer can directly access the measuring device        
 Contract with akrobit (24 months / extension 12 months)          
 Customer software (recommended)          
 AMR WinControl          
 RMT WinControl    

The cloud service is provided by the akrobit software GmbH. The actual prices depend on the number of devices and the desired services. Data acquisition via the mobile communications implies additional costs for the SIM card and for the transmitted data.
The customer can either provide a suitable SIM card himself or the akrobit software GmbH can off er one. In case the modem is used outside Europe, it is mandatory that the customer himself provides the SIM card. .

On request, we will be pleased to provide a demo version.


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