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AMR WinControl - Diversity of Functions

AMR WinControl is the multifunctional tool for your tasks

One application - hundreds of possibilities: AMR WinControl

  • Automatic recording and archiving of measurement data over a long time
  • Analysis with cursors and statistical functions in a line diagram
  • Easy programming of ALMEMO measuring devices
  • Automatic monitoring of limits and failures
  • Export live or loaded (from file) data to many other applications
  • Complicated mathematical calculations, using current or stored data
  • ...

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The main functions and features
Support of multiple connection types and protcols AMR WinControl supports multiple parallel connections to different devices, using different protocols, it can export collected data to other applications also via online transmission (OPC & MS Excel).
AMR WinControl stand for flexible Systems integration.
Value displays made to measure Measurement data, curves, processes and systems can be displayed as you want and need it. With the Scope of visualization of WinControl, it´s up to you.
Very easy programming of measurement devices Change the settings of measurement channels and ALMEMO devices using a comfortable user interface. Alter, save and load programming of all connected ALMEMO devices fast and easily.
Read out the internal device memory Let the software read stored data from the internal device memory. Just choose the device and the time period of data.
Variable online capture of measurement data Capture data live - no matter if one value per hour or 50 values in a second. Capture measurement data using separate connections with different sampling rates.
Automatic save and archiving of data You decide what, when, how and where data are to be saved. Let AMR WinControl save data automatically regulated by timer / event or immediately. Use the optional Test Bench Manager to save data into different files simultaneously and independently of one another.
Automatic monitoring and alarming The fully automatic Alarm monitors all measruement channels meticulously. It reports all abnormal conditions or limit violations. In addition to the screen it is possible to switch output relays and send e-mails in case of alarm.
Password protection with user and rights management The optional Password protection allowing to restrict access to the user level. A detailed set of functions and allowed actions can be define for every user.
Context-sensitive Help

Each dialogue in WinControl contains a Help button. Additionally, you can get help for every function of WinControl with just two mouse clicks. You do not have to read the manual - the context-sensitive help system shows all the important information.


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