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AMR WinControl - Systems Integration and Variability

AMR WinControl is Variability and Systems integration

AMR WinControl is the link between your subsystems:

  • Combination of other measurement instruments and ALMEMO devices into one system
  • Integration of new subsystems into your established measuring system
  • Import of data from other applications / data sources (i.e. via OPC)
  • Export of data to other applications / data sink (i.e. MS Excel)

The platform of AMR WinControl is designed to allow additional communication protocols for import and export of data, which we can implement for you after having examined its specifications.

You have got a measurement system that is to be integrated? Or do you have a process control system, to which data is to be delivered by AMR WinControl?
Let us help you - ask us.

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Connection Types
COM-Port (RS232 / RS 485) Serial COM Interface (RS 232, RS 485, USB, Bluetooth)
Network (TCP/IP, LAN) Network (TCP/IP, LAN)
Modem / Dial-Up Connection Modem(Dial-up Connection) / Mobile  Internet (GPRS/UMTS/LTE)
Internet (Virtual Private Network / RAS) Internet (VPN / RAS)

Integration Options
Text Im- & Export (TXT, CSV) Text Import and Export (TXT, CSV)
Export to MS Excel (On- & Offline) Export to Microsoft Excel (On- and Offline)
Export to SQL Databases via ODBC
Export to OPC-Servers Export to OPC-Servers
Save measurement data in foreign file formats Save measurement data in different file formats
Export via data server protocol with our OCX interface Export to your application via the Client-OCX
Display of values and diagrams using the integrated webserver Display of values and diagrams using the integrated webserver
Control / Integration of other devices on demand Control / Integration of other devices on demand

The following devices and protocols are currently supported:
  • Universal measuring devices
    • ALMEMO V5, V6, and V7
    • ALMEMO MA 500
    • ALMEMO A470
  • Climatic chamber:
    • ATT
    • Binder
    • CTS
    • Espec
    • Feutron
    • Memmert
    • Weiss/Vötsch
  • Gas analyzers:
    • ABB
    • ECO Physics CLD 8xx
    • Emerson
      • CLD
      • MLT
      • NGA
      • XStream
    • MRU Nova H8
  • Dew point mirrors:
    • DPM 373
    • DewMaster
    • DewTrans
    • Michell (S8000, Optidew)
  •  Power meters / Energy meters:
    • Christ CLT 310/13
    • Hioki
    • Infratek 106A, 108A
    • Janitza
    • KinetiQ PPA500
    • Simeas-T
    • Yokogawa WT230, WT310
    • ZES Zimmer LMG600
  • Calibrators:
    • AMETEK® (Jofra TM)
    • Eurotherm
    • IsoTech
    • Julabo
  • Others:
    • Agilent 34980A
    • Eltek Squirrel 1000
    • Fluke 8508A, 1594A
    • Lasair III
    • Lauda Integral XT
    • LiquiSonic
    • Mecotec DP-300
    • Omega FMA6600/6700
    • Paroscientific Digiquartz

With the support of ODBC, OPC, CAN-Bus. Modbus, and MQTT further devices and systems can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into the AMR WinControl measuring system.

Your preferred measuring device is not included in the list?

No problem, just let us know which device it is and we will check whether the integration can be realized and the effort involved.

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